by Yung Kami

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released June 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Yung Kami Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

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Track Name: 01 Enter the Void Prod DJ Errwrr
Black squad in the cut yo
Cut throat
Ready to bang and make a couple bucks
Off of a dumbo
Yocco flow so dope
Never catch me with the same ho
Man I'm methodical when I'm bringing the pain
Go getter not a quitter
Stay bitter consider
What is my relationship with God or maybe Satan
I'm spittin paint I call my songs paintings
Ready to step into the light
I keep my shades on
All day n all night
Man I stay gone
Dreads ODB
But I don't stay on dat bullshit
I'm on that fuck school shit
On that break the rule shit
Nowadays that's just the cool shit
Parted ways with some niggas like the Red Sea
If I don't fuck with you you cant fuck with me
Sensational touchin everything while I'm lookin
Can you smell what Yocco cookin
In the kitchen I ain't water whippin
Ballin Scotty Pippin
But I'm fly like Hermes
I know y'all heard me
But you wanna keep hearin so you keep me on repeat
3 nuts 3 girls triple 3peat
Did it twice triple 6
Toss a nigga in the Styx
I'm Flippin bricks for the kicks
Same ones that hatin
Be the first ones to buy my tix bitch
Track Name: $$$ Prod Leyhan
Pull up on a nigga like ya squad need diapers
If I see you witcha girl imma swipe her
Flexin wit my chest I do it best after the gym
Got these pussy ass niggas wishing damn I was him

Slide in ya girls dm's
Get her wet like my phone
Smokin on somethin strong
They be like damn what is he on
For my dawgs I'll toss a bone
A bad bitch I'm bout to bone
If ya ring ain't bout the money leave a message after the tone

God Damn I am the man
Do shit because I can
Look like Walkin dead cus I just popped me a xan

Stuntin with my crew
Shawty what it do
Mystery Bitches hangin from my arm but baby it could be you
You got a girl I got 2
One whip
got two of those too
Claim you trendsetting
But nigga I'm bettin
whatever you doin ain't new
Triple 6
Three times the view
Smokin on Pepe la pew
Who do I fear
No one far no one near
Race against me I'll turn ya to glue
Ya bish

If I got the loud
Then I know you wanna roll
Diamonds so black
You would think they were still coals
Dreams ain't dreams anymore
They my goals
Fuck the hand I was dealt
I'll play again but never fold

True from the womb to the tomb
From my birth to my doom
To the morgue from the hospital room
Can I get some leg room
Cus I'm runnin the shit
Havin fun with this shit
Im number one with this shit
LEAST That's what she thinks
After a couple drinks
Then vomits in the sink
And all over the mink
I shouldn't have to say this
But Oakwood doesn't need to be the spawn of another rapist

No chill it's a thrill
Pay the bills
With a lil tongue work
I'm the future call me Phil
Not a Rugrat anymore
Made my first dollar and I want many more
Track Name: Numb Prod DJ Vizion
You the type of girl that a nigga wanna save and
You the type of girl that don't need savin, savin

I Always thought I'd be the one to give you what you need
Doin anything and everything while smokin hella weed
Take you where you wanna go
Endless possibilities
It took everything I had just for you to even notice me


The way that you look got me shook
I try to act tough but you read me like a book
When I see you cry I just wanna dry your eyes
Cus you gave and you gave
And everybody else took
Fuck em
You deserve better
Whenever you need me
I'll be there motherfuck the weather
Together is what I wanna be
You and me
But I know that dream won't be reality


I'm too late
Your heart is broke
Into tiny pieces like my dreams and my hopes
You don't need me
But I want you
I'll do anything that I fuckin have to

The stars in the sky aligned for you and I
The thought of you hurtin with someone else
I'd rather die
These fuckboys want you but really all of em pie
Easy peasy sleazy and greasy
Tease me
but I'm just bein real
I ain't tryna guilt trip you it's just how I feel
Track Name: Every(no)thing Prod DJ Errwrr
Demons in my head
Wheres god he wasn't helpin me
When I was tryna get this bread
Slept in church so I guess he left
My prayers all on read
When I was young I used to sleep with
A bible next to my bed
Now my faith is dead

Dead man come walkin
Bout it bout it no talkin
Stay strapped with that fuckin blade
Don't make me put it to yo noggin

Clouds all in my brain
Tears fallin like rain
Roll it up then toke it up
Only thing that keeps me sane

I wanna feel everything and nothing at the same damn time
I wanna be something and nothing at the same damn time
I wanna think but I don't wanna think
Too much is on my mind
I wanna raise my body count
But have someone to call mine