by Yung Kami

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The second EP from aspiring amateur Yocco


released May 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Yung Kami Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

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Track Name: 01. Yours prod. stnkn
It's yours it's yours
Baby Imma dog you got me on all fours
Tell ya best friend that I got the best intentions
Only eyes for you girl did I forget to mention
I do that
I'm thinkin in the 5th dimension
Too tight please can you loosen up the tension?
I'm a man wanting what I can't have
But I'm begging you to take me please that's all I really ask
Yeah, listen I know that I'm an ass
Get hurt enough times that you live inside the mask
Brittle brittle brittle like you got a heart of glass
So let's take it slow no need to move fast
Like drake I like my women with a future and a past
Schoolin other hoes and you doin it with such class
When I get back from the tours
I promise you that it's all yours

Yeah, yeah
I just want you and only you
Push past what you've been put through
I'm apathetic without the a
But I'm the saddest whenever you go away
You're the X to my y cus you're so independent
And the only ex I'd ever ask why if we ended
On my la dispute shit I'm a sinkin boat
And I'll be damned if it ain't you keepin me afloat
Track Name: 02. Self-Righteous $uicide
Selfish, narcissistic, optimistic, I'm a mystic
Gods callin stars to the gate I must've missed it
W e e d mix it with lsd
Adderall and fireball that's how you get me nigga

Done with the games, I'm done with the games
I'm after the fame, just after the fame
Remember the name, remember the name
We're not the same, we're not the same

Slit both wrists spillin out what's inside
Gotta watch the life pour out of me to know that I'm alive, hey
Slit both wrists spillin out what's inside
Gotta watch the life pour out of me to know that I'm alive

Suicide suicide self righteous suicide (3x)
Gotta watch the life pour out of me to know that I'm alive

I sold my soul to Lucifer just so I could be good with words
But that fucker made me the greatest rapper you've never heard
Dreams of milk and honey but I gotta get through sour curds
You whack rappers sheep, I'm just thinnin out the fuckin herd

Fuck what you heard
This is only the begginin
I be sippin n trippin my mental stay slippin
My phd in sinnin
I rap for dollar incentive
Burnin bridges as an incense
When I lost my innocence
The world started makin sense

Pity parties, becomin tardy I'm livin? Hardly
Head down grades up always sayin sorry
I'm fucking blessed, so why am I fucking stressed?
I swear if I lost my mind I would be less of a mess
Throw it back to the old days when I was suicidal
I found solace in the abyss just for a little while
Thought I was a waste of space
I didn't deserve my place
It took a fuckin intervention to show that wasn't the case

Ever since then the darkness has been my friend
I killed the old me so the new me could begin
Motherfuck depression so I dropped the smith n Wesson then I learned my fuckin lesson and instead picked up a pen

Slit both wrists spillin out what's inside
Gotta watch the life pour out of me to know that I'm alive, hey
Slit both wrists spillin out what's inside
Gotta watch the life pour out of me to know that I'm alive

Suicide suicide self righteous suicide (3x)
Gotta watch the life pour out of me to know that I'm alive
Track Name: 03. Kosmik Mambo No. 1 prod. Vizion
try to take it slow
got a lot more to go
the night is still young
so try to have some fun

blowin thru the green
fuckin shit up with my team
bout to put the natti on the map
sick, my nigga, swine flew its bout to be for rap

rump shakas by the acres
bout to shoot my shot but im not playin for the lakers
im a warrior 3 hunna thermopylae im on fire
if they made my life into a movie snyder you're hired

talked to god the other day and he told me to keep it based
so i took a blunt to the face and ended up in outer space
im an astronaut
smashin thots
in zero g
with zero g's
because we smoked it all with ease
nigga please

i won boy you a zero but im not talkin binary
eyes red i see the dead screamin out bloody mary

my favorite part is weaker artists tryna step to me
you gap outlet ass niggas
im ah ah givenchy

tell ya girl that i eat it like macaroni
she catchin balls like a goalie
you niggas are fuckin phony
impastas like ravioli
a blasphemist far from holy
cook the beat up bobby flay n eat it up like stromboli

niggas corny im burnin through em like ethanol
mixin volatile lyrical cocktails, molotovs
put a little metal in your face, now you're mad dawg
yet i still got these bitches droolin like pavlov

jumpin ship and swallow the semean on deck
at first they reachin for your pocket next they reachin for your neck
and i bet
the dehydrated dicks just want their dicks wet
but hypocrites wont fuck a ho who's probably their best bet

you a dog see a vet
im the new king of the pound
man i thought this was a circus surrounded by all these clowns

you bitches like stitches
and i am a goat
nappy ass nigga look straight off the boat
you takin your shot
but i been had the throat
schoolin you niggas so better take notes

grammatical guru
the fletters i lip
i guess you can say thats a hollow tip
the bong is like beyblade i let it rip
i shot throught the scope
you shot from the hip

make like that shit in your mouth and dip
dont need a bag but im takin a trip
succumbing to death i almost lost my grip
but the powers that be just would not allow it

bout to put the natti on the map
sick, my nigga, swine flu its bout to be for rap
wanna be the very best
and i say it with my chest
screamin demon brought back to the fuckin midwest

bumpin opposition occupyin their position
sorry im just sick and bored of the games
want a monopoly none on top of me droppin me in the ranks
they dont got the will
im just tryna fill up the banks
or do the opposite
when i withdraw my deposit
and give the teller nice tips just for havin nice tits

im so immaculate that i would cast the first stone
but bein stoned to death is exactly how i wanna go
got her on her knees but whens the last time she been to church
talkin all that shit aint the only reason her jaw hurt
im such a flirt
i feel like death is my mistress
but she needs to hide her business
when im with my main, mary jane
ready for the sword of damocles over my fuckin brain
Track Name: 04. Gold n Purp prod. Vizion
12th grade got a nigga sittin back thinkin bout all the mistakes I made
The games I played
Tried to tie the knot but for some reason they always end up frayed
And I'm afraid
I'm sinkin sinkin strugglin as I try to wade
Through this ocean of emotion
Guess that's the price I paid

Fuckin bitches back to back
Emotions that I lacked
I gotta face the facts
They were in love but I was just tryna nut
Damn, how fucked is that?
Bitches comin at me sideways kick em to the highway
Wednesdays are ruined and that's me and Reid's high day
Gotta work Saturday we trippin on Friday
Shit goes on forever I be thinkin that it's pi day

I done fucked up
Heartbroken kid turned into the heartbreaker
But I do give a fuck
Even tho I really shouldn't when it's on paper
Generate a wave but I ain't talkin vapor
You think I'm mad you got her? Hell nah nigga take her
I'm busy tryna get gold teeth and purple weed like I'm playin for the Lakers

Like I'm playin for the lakers, like I'm playin for the lakers
I'm busy tryna get gold teeth and purple weed like I'm playin for the Lakers (2x)

Silver tongue lickin a silver spoon
But her ass fat so you know I gotta tap that
Hit it from the back smack smack
Give her bad back
Bump against the back
That's a perk of bein black

But it wasn't always like that
Flipped a switch in my brain
Life is a game
Warm up shots to the first quarter
But ya boy already made change

Now I see a pretty penny
And I want her in her panties
Sorry that's the henny
I'm surprised that you can understand me
Bitch I'm goin harder than uhhh fuckin hail
Made sure that you could feel me by writing my raps in Braille

I traded love for riches, bitches, and drugs
This lifestyle just fit me like it's a glove
Bitch I'm Glover you Faison you fuckin scrub
Call me Kobe a goat shootin for the dub

Like I'm playin for the lakers, like I'm playin for the lakers
I'm busy tryna get gold teeth and purple weed like I'm playin for the Lakers (2x)
Track Name: 05. GaJEA
Put a tab on the tongue
Just one right?
Feel that shit goin numb
And that's all right

Your world fades to black
Mines technicolor I'm Ross in a maybach
acid raps
Goin on a trip and I don't know when I'm comin back
Pack a bag? Bitch for what
Only thing I'm grabbin is a snack and some blunts
Tell the homie pass one and Imma light one up
We trippin dick up in the kitchen till the sun comes up
Put a tab onto the tongue
Let that shit sit
it's supposed to go numb
Bitch strap in
For the ride of your life better hold on tight
Cus if you don't you'll fall off of a hell of a night
Keep the clean scene for a neat freak
Make a beat listen to the birds scream knees weak
What a way to end a week let alone a night
But it never ended and you wonderin if you can tell the end from the beginnin
Lost in the woods but I'm teein off like I want a hole in one
This is the manifestation of my frustration
Shakin my fist up at the holy one
Like why WHY you gotta make me feel like the only one
But I just have trouble lookin to the same God
The same God that sacrificed his only son

4 o'clock 4 o'clock 4 o'clock 4 o'clock
5 o'clock 5 o'clock 5 o'clock 5 o'clock
6 o'clock 6 o'clock 6 o'clock 6 o'clock
Nope still goin, still goin

Lsd is a key
To the doors of your mind
And you won't always like
What you might find
Skeletons in your closet
I know I got mine
Thoughts runnin like a faucet
All we got is time

The things I learn about myself continue to shake me
Confronting all my demons cus I won't let them break me
Lucid lucifer I challenge you to come take me
Reality's a nightmare I use acid to wake me
The bitterness the melancholy
Hinderances and my follies
Mono mono mono poly
Deities are tryna call me
Kiss my ass kiss my ass
Imma follow my own path
Embrace never forget my past
To make my future everlast
Addy addy do the math
Fuck my brains always on blast
Why don't I just blast em out
The clouds would dissipate so fast
Momma didn't raise a quitter
A dead son just wouldn't fit her
I accepted bein bitter
I accepted bein bitter
Because of it I'm better
Because of it I'm better
I'm gonna live forever
I'm gonna live forever
Track Name: 06. Love prod. stnkn
Momma I love you
Neva Eva Eva put anyone above you
I know it's been hard
I felt the same way ever since we've been apart

It feels so strange
Every time I see you now I feel like I done changed
We're both sharin the pain
But I still thank you for letting me go ya know?
Without you there would be no yocco no Joe no flow
Yeah you opened up the door
But everything has a cost
I wanna give you back all of the time you lost
Watchin me grow up through a screen
I broke down when I turned 18
Becomin a man gave me no joy
I guess I missed bein a mommas boy
I been gone for so long yet you stay so strong
I would give you the world instead of a song
And you've been done so wrong
You've been done so wrong